Q&A | Veysi Altay | State is the Perpetrator | New Life | Well | Mother Berfo (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 1h 15m

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with Director Veysi Altay, moderated by Ferhan Sterk.

State is the Perpetrator Synopsis:

Throughout the 1990s, many people in North Kurdistan were subjected to interrogations. This quickly turned into torture, and then murder, with their bodies then dumped into the forests, eliminated in vats of acid, or burnt in furnaces. Some of them were buried in “unknown” places with only a handful of soil to over them.

Told through interviews of families and lawyers of victims, this documentary tells the story of those that were killed in Şirnak/Cizre, where there were the most brutal massacres.

Mother Berfo Synopsis:

On September 12, 1980, a military coup occurred in Turkey. During the coup, led by Kenan Evren, many people were detained and/or disappeared; some were questioned under torture, some hanged, some massacred in acid wells being thrown from helicopters. One of those who disappeared was Cemil Kırbayır. Cemil’s mother, Berfo Kırbayır, has done everything to find her son. However, her endeavours did not work out.

Nû Jîn | New Life Film Synopsis:

Elif Kobanê, Vîyan Peyman, and Arjîn join the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) in their battle against ISIS. The documentary relates the ISIS assault of 15 September 2014 and the five-month resistance by the YPJ and People’s Defence Units (YPG) through the lens of three women fighters.

Bîr | Well Synopsis:

In the 1990s many people in Kurdistan were taken into custody and interrogated under torture; their killers disposed of the bodies by throwing them out of helicopters or burying them in acid-filled wells. Thousands were murdered and disappeared by paramilitary forces such as Jitem and Hizbul-Kontra that were financed and supported by the state, though they have always stuck to the line: “We didn’t do it.” Bîr is a documentary that looks deeper into the case of seven people, including four children, who disappeared from the town of Kerboran [Dargeçit] in 1995, and tells the story of their families’ tireless search for their remains.

Director Veysi Altay’s Biography:

Veysi Altay was born in Northern Kurdistan in 1975. Altay has 20 years of experience in photography and cinema. He has been an executive at the Human Rights Association and Amnesty International for many years. Altay is also a founding member of the Conscientious Objection Association that was founded in 2013. Veysi also worked as a war correspondent in Serêkaniyê in 2013 and in Kobanê in 2014.