Q&A | Shahram Alidi | Black Horse Memories & Whisper With The Wind (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 50min

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with Director Shahram Alidi, moderated by Zanyar Muhammadineko.

Black Horse Memories Synopsis:

A group of young people are trying to teach Kurdish in North Kurdistan, a land where the teaching of the language is forbidden by Turkish authorities. Part of their work is to print clandestine schoolbooks in underground schools and distribute them. One of the girls in the group, Aseke, is martyred on a mission and her friends decide to carry out the final request she made in her will. She had been brought up with a black horse, now in the remote Anatolian mountains, and her request is to bring the horse back so that they might meet one last time before she is buried. The arrival of the horse leads to some unexpected events.

Whisper With The Wind Synopsis:

Mam Baldar, the winged uncle, is a postman like no other who, for many years, has traveled among mountainous villages of Kurdistan recording and delivering people’s messages. One day, a Partisan Commander asks him to make a recording of his newborn child’s first cry. Baldar sets off to find the commander’s village and, once there, he is informed that all the children in the area, as well as the commander’s pregnant wife, have been evacuated to a far-off valley. Mam at once heads out for the valley and witnesses the heartbreaking atrocities.

Shahram Alidi Director Biography:

Shahram Alidi was born on the 11th December 1971 in Sanandaj, East Kurdistan. He is a screenwriter and film producer. Alidi is part of a generation of filmmakers in the Iranian New Wave. These filmmakers share many common techniques including poetic dialogue and allegorical storytelling. His credits include the 2009 film Whisper with the Wind.