Q&A | Reber Dosky | Radio Kobanî & Sidik and The Panther (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 37min

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with Reber Dosky, director of Radio Kobanî, moderated by Ferhan Sterk.

Radio Kobanî Synopsis:

Nobody was untouched by the IS occupation of Kobanî. But as the city is retaken it is a chance to heal; a process facilitated by the tireless reporting of Dilovan, who finds the few scraps of joy left amongst the rubble and dust that was once a bustling city.

Sidik and the Panther Synopsis:

Acclaimed director Reber Dosky’s poetic film tells a story of hope, pride, and the possibility of healing in a rarely-seen land of astonishing beauty. Sidik has spent the last twenty-five years searching for a Persian leopard in the genocide-scarred mountains of Kurdistan in the South of Kurdistan. If he can capture one of these magical creatures on film, the rugged region will be declared a national park and the bombs will never fall again. Sidik still hasn’t found his leopard, but he refuses to give up. Acclaimed director Reber Dosky guides us through the Kurdish mountains alongside Sidik, in this beautiful and inspiring visual ode to perseverance and peaceful patriotism.

Director Reber Dosky Biography:

Reber Dosky is a Kurdish-Dutch filmmaker. Living in The Netherlands since 1998, he studied film direction at the Netherlands Film Academy. He completed his studies with The Call (2013), about the impact of war and displacement on the relation between a father and a son. The Call won several awards at international film festivals. His next film, a short documentary The Sniper Of Kobani (2015) brought the international breakthrough of Reber Dosky and was awarded at multiple festivals. His feature debut Radio Kobani (2016) premiered at IDFA where it won the national competition. It played at numerous festivals and won 14 awards at CPHDOX and Camerimage.