Q&A | Özgün Yarar | Mara (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 27min

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with Director Özgün Yarar, moderated by Sehriban Suyur.

Mara Film Synopsis:

They carry the most various injuries within them, and just being a woman or a Kurdish woman is enough to give them plenty of reason to suffer. A story that voices the attempts to overcome, through music, linguistic and cultural borders that inevitably exist due to the reality of a torn country.

Özgün Yarar Director Biography:

Özgün Yarar was born in Istanbul in 1980. After graduating from Yıldız Technical University, Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, he studied BEKSAV Film Workshop in 2004. He worked as a cinematographer on documentaries and short films. He moved to Vienna in 2007. He started working at TV programmes in Vienna in 2008 and from then on worked on over 50 TV programmes, first as a cameraman to a director. During this time, he shot many kinds of music, promotion, and art videos. In 2016 he founded Diaspora Film company, and today he continues to work on short films and documentaries as producer and director.


English, Kurdish