Q&A | Mehmet Ali Konar | Hewno Bêreng | Colourless Dream (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 50min

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with director Mehmet Ali Konar for their documentary Hewno Bêreng | Colourless Dream, moderated by Sehriban Suyur.

Colourless Dream Film Synopsis:

Overclouded with deep misery after his mother’s death, Mirza becomes a passive and introverted child who struggles with bad dreams. However, his life changes upon the arrival of a guest named Mir Ahmed.

Mir Ahmed and Mirza develop a friendship after Mir Ahmed’s persistent efforts and by the way of this friendship, Mirza transforms into a social and extroverted child. Mirza is an example of a child within Kurdish society that spans from the 1990s to current times.

Director Mehmet Ali Konar Biography:

Konar graduated from The Marmara University, Communication Faculty (Istanbul) in 2005. He has worked for a while as an Assistant in feature Documentaries and Fiction films.