Q&A | Kazim Öz | Zer | Bahoz | He Bû Tune Bû | Dûr (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 58min

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with Kazim Öz, director of Zer, Bahoz, He Bû Tune Bû and Dûr, moderated by Ferhan Sterk.

Zer Film Synopsis:

A story of Jan and Zarife, an estranged grandson and grandmother. When Zarife is brought over to New York City for cancer treatment, they begin to know each other more during the course of her treatment. Jan goes on a journey to find the song that Zarife sang to him on her deathbed. As Jan traces back to the song, Zer, he finds himself in Dersim, Kurdistan, and amid the remnant of the massacre.

Bahoz Film Synopsis:

Bahoz presents a masterful feature in the form of an epic that realistically depicts the social uprising and urgency of Turkey’s student and Kurdish movement of the past decade. For eighteen-year-old Cemal, being accepted to the University of Istanbul is more than just an opportunity to continue his studies, it is his big chance to leave his remote Kurdish village in North Kurdistan once and for all. Upon his arrival, conflicts arise within the group of students as the police encircle them like vultures.

Once Upon a Time Film Synopsis:

A large and poor Kurdish family travel from their hometown of Batman to the outskirts of the capital city of Ankara, to grow lettuce as hired hands. The film gives almost a complete lecture on growing lettuce, starting from its seed to its becoming a salad – an astonishing work on the story, the struggle, the hard work behind each fruit and vegetable that we all feast on. The families work without any insurance and are paid extremely low wages. Most of them are Kurdish and underage. A sudden explosion of love will change their story forever. This film is an artistic exploration of the class struggle, colonialism, and how we are alienated from the produce that we consume.

Dûr Film Synopsis:

A film about the remaining people of a remote village in North Kurdistan. Journey with Kazim Öz as he revisits his hometown with a new sense of self.

It was by the end of 1997 when Kazim Öz re-visited his village after many years. No one remained except for a few elderly people reflecting on their loneliness, the many years etched on their faces. They had been abandoned. Every inch of earth, imbued with memories, every trace of the former lively atmosphere of life was gone.

Director Kazim Öz Biography :

Kazım Öz was born in 1973 in Northern Kurdistan. Öz is known as a director, scriptwriter, editor, cinematographer, and producer of many awarded films. He started his career in 1992 working at Teatra Jiyana Nu as a director. During these times, he also became one of the founders of Mezopotamya Sinema and Yapim 13 film production. One of the first short films that Öz made was Ax - Land in 1999, which led him to shoot his first feature film, Photograph in 2002. The aftermath of this allowed him to gain recognition at the national and international levels. In 2005, Kazım won “The Best Documentary” prize with his first feature-length documentary film - Dûr (Far) in Nurnberg Turkey Germany Film Festival and in Ankara Film Festival.


English, Turkish, Kurdish