Q&A | Hasim Eydemir | 14 July (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 1h 16m

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with director Hasim Aydemir for his film 14 July moderated by Taner Tan and Berivan Irmak.

14 Tirmeh Film Synopsis:

On 12 September 1980, the Turkish state staged a fascist military coup to oppress the Kurds’ struggle for basic human rights and freedom in the face of the denial and prohibition of their existence, identity, language, and culture. Thousands of Kurds and revolutionaries in Turkey were sent to jail.

On September 12, 1980, the Turkish state carries out a military coup suppressing the struggle of the Kurds for human rights and freedom - their existence, identity, language, and culture are denied and banished. Tens of thousands of Kurds and revolutionaries in Turkey are imprisoned. Against this oppression, cruelty, and violation of human rights, Kurdish revolutionaries went on an indefinite hunger strike on July 14, 1982. The film July 14 is about the oppression of the Turkish state and the resistance of revolutionaries against it in Amed prison.

Director Hasim Aydemir’s Biography:

Hasim Aydemir was born in 1979, Lice, Diyarbakır. He graduated from Istanbul University, faculty of the communication department of journalism. He started his film studies by making short films during university. He started his professional career with the TV series Ax u Jiyan from 2010-2012