Q&A | Apo W. Bazidi | Resistance is Life & How Far is Home (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 15min

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with director Apo Bazidi for his film Resistance is Life, moderated by Ferhan Sterk.

Resistance is Life

From a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border, 8-year-old Evlin characterizes the resilience of her hometown of Kobane against ISIS militants. In the midst of the tragic war in Syria, Evlin’s story provides hope.

How Far is Home

Ahmed and Ruba, two Kurdish siblings who lost their parents after fleeing Syria, pursue their education in an all immigrant school in Cleveland, Ohio. Ahmed’s goal is to become an x-ray technician to help others, and he works as a busboy to support himself. Ruba shares her tragic background through her creative writings. Together, they find solace by performing in a public theatre. While they struggle to pursue their dreams, current immigration policies weigh heavy on their minds.

Directed by Apo W. Bazidi’s

Apo W. Bazidi was born in North Kurdistan. He is an award-winning filmmaker who has been interested in storytelling and writing since he was a child. Apo’s films are primarily concerned with social issues and the importance of global cultural interactions.