Q&A | Akram Hidou | My Paradise & Halabja: The Lost Children (2021)

  • Q&A
  • 34min

Global Kurdish Film Festival Q&A with Akram Hidou, director of My Paradise and Halabja: The Lost Children, moderated by Aladdin Sinayic.

My Paradise Synopsis:

Ever since the Arab Spring has reached Syria, a relentless civil war has shattered the city of Serêkanî on the Syrian-Turkish border. Based on the story of a few former classmates pictured in a photograph taken 25 years ago, the emergence and ramifications of the Syrian Revolution are recounted.

Halabja: The Lost Children Synopsis:

After 21 years, Ali returns back to his native city of Halabia in East Kurdistan. He is looking for his lost family, and five families hope him to be their missing child. Among them, there are two families who both lost a child during the poison gas attack of Saddam Hussein back in 1988. Is Ali their missing son?

Director Akram Hidou

Akrem Hidou was born in 1973 in Serêkaniyê. Heydo started his studies in Cinema-Direction in 2010 at the Ruhr-Academy of arts. He currently lives in Berlin, and working as an independent filmmaker.