Love in The Face of Genocide (2020)

  • Documentary, Feature
  • 52min

A documentary exploring the oral literature of the Yazidi Dengbêj in Shengal, Kurdistan.

The Dengbêj are Kurdish poets and bards; singing storytellers who pass from generation to generation tales that would have otherwise been lost in time. Commonly singing without any musical accompaniment, the songs encompass a variety of profound themes including love, war, family, lullabies, journeys, and other experiences. Thus, the historically persecuted Yazidi Kurds maintain this medium of communication and artistic heritage in a bid to document their stories for generations to come.

Directed by Shero Hinde

Shero Hinde was born in Qamishlo, Syria in 1980. He studied Archeology at Damascus University and decided to follow through with his passion for film, working in the field of cinema. Hinde has worked as a Director, Theatre Actor, Producer, and Cinema Teacher. He is one of the founders of Welat Art House(2014) and Komina Filma Rojava.


Şêro Hindê






West Kurdistan

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