Hewno Bêreng | Colourless Dream (2018)

  • Feature, Fiction
  • 1h 17m

Being surrounded by dark political events as a child, Mirza cannot escape being a victim of those devastating events that have existed for so long.

Overclouded with deep misery after his mother’s death, Mirza becomes a passive and introverted child who struggles with bad dreams. However, his life changes upon the arrival of a guest named Mir Ahmed.

Mir Ahmed and Mirza develop a friendship after Mir Ahmed’s persistent efforts and by the way of this friendship, Mirza transforms into a social and extroverted child. Mirza is an example of a child within Kurdish society that spans from the 1990s to current times.

Directed by Mehmet Ali Konar

Konar graduated from The Marmara University, Communication Faculty (Istanbul) in 2005. He has worked for a while as an Assistant in feature Documentaries and Fiction films.


Mehmet Ali Konar

Director of Photography

Yağız Yavru


Kurdish, Turkish




North Kurdistan, Turkey