Hell (2021)

  • Short, Documentary
  • 29min

A horrific chemical attack has left an entire village with severe physical, emotional, and psychological pain.

In 1988, four days after the acceptance of the ceasefire between Iran and Iraq, the village of Zardeh Dalahou in Kermanshah, East Kurdistan was chemically bombed by the Iraq regime with three types of gas, leaving the Yarsans still suffering the awful consequences.

Directed by Borhan Ahmadi

Borhan Ahmadi was born in Sanandaj, East Kurdistan in 1982. He started making films in 2002. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in cinema He is a film director, screenwriter, editor, and film producer He was a documentation workshop instructor in the Youth Cinema Society of Sanandaj. He was one of the voting members of several short film festivals. He has made 16 short films, half-length films, and series.


Borhan Ahmadi






East Kurdistan